• Connecting and Networking: We connect families to each other so that they feel less alone
  • Discovery and Navigation: We help families navigate support and services by sharing information
  • Welcoming: We assist local communities in welcoming and supporting all families

Because Bridging Communities is family-led, it is constantly evolving to be responsive to the interests and needs of families.  Examples of opportunities that Bridging Communities may facilitate include parent-to-parent mentoring, trainings and workshops, social events, and spaces to connect virtually. Meetings for moms, dads, and sibling groups offer the chance for family members to connect with others who share similar experiences and exchange resources, ideas, and encouragement.

Bridging Communities also works to help make communities more welcoming for the families of individuals living with disabilities. This includes advocacy, community-based events and supporting families in taking on leadership roles that help support inclusive communities. 

All families are welcome at all Bridging Communities meetings and events. We are working to build an inclusive, diverse, community where each member’s voice and experience is valued and respected.